0_0_0_0_198_206_csupload_65802604Children’s literature is my passion, but I also work with authors who write for the adult market too. As an agent, I only represent children’s authors, but as an editor and proofreader I offer editorial assistance to all writers.

I’m currently on the hunt for new writing talent and I’m looking for writers with storytelling magic that write in any genre for children aged 12 or under. Whether it’s fantasy, adventure, fiction or non-fiction so long as it’s well written, with an intriguing plot, I’m interested (picture books included). 

Due to my workload I normally only take on manuscripts for editorial reports via three literary consultancies. However, if you require any proofreading or editorial services then please contact me directly at editing@stephroundsmith.co.uk and I’ll do my very best to accommodate for you.



Due to an overwhelming backlog, submissions will be closed until further notice.


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If you have any questions or would like to enquire about any of my services or the authors listed on this site please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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