Paul Adshead

0_0_0_0_191_164_csupload_67135260_largeAs a child, only two things really interested me: wildlife and art. I was fascinated by nature and loved drawing and painting the creatures I saw around me. I was also an avid reader. I started to write and illustrate professionally during the mid 1980s.

My first book, called A Peacock on the Roof told the true story of my pet family of peacocks. My second book, The Chicken that could Swim told another true story and was nominated for the Kate Greenaway award for illustration. Due to the enormous popularity of the hidden puzzles in these two books, I soon became known for creating complex picture-puzzle books, starting with Puzzle Island, which went on to sell over a million copies.

After a brief break from writing I wrote my first book for older children, Justin Thyme, which was shortlisted for the Sefton Super Reads Book Award and The Concorde Book Award. Currently, I’m working on new projects for middle grade readers.

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